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Whats your favorite way to shade artwork? 

3 deviants said Cell Shading
2 deviants said I don't Shade
1 deviant said None of the above, I like to...(Comment)
No deviants said Cross Stitch/Lining
No deviants said Smuging


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52 Dragon Challange

I have decided that I will be doing this challenge, however I will not being doing one a week. I simply do not have the time/energy.

1. Deer
2. Wind
3. Ribbon
4. Wood
5. Joy
6. Green
7. Treasure
8. Cactus
9. Beach
10. Chain
11. Sun
12. Moon
13. Star
14. Magic
15. Ice
16. Yin & Yang
17. Life
18. Death
19. Light
20. Darkness
21. Sand
22. Mirror
23. Water
24. Crystal
25. Sweet
26. Ancient
27. Divine
28. Demonic
29. Encounter
30. Storm
31. Cloud
32. Fan
33. Earth
34. Fruit
35. Tree
36. Turtle
37. Sunflower
38. Lion
39. Electricity
40. Disaster
41. Steam-punk
42. Sunset
43. Sadness
44. Weapon
45. Bird
46. Movie or TV character transformed into a dragon.
47. Any known famous dragons from pop culture. (example, Smaug from Hobbit, Maleficent's Dragon form, etc.)
48. Draw Yourself as a dragon.
49. Create a dragon for someone in Our Group as a gift.
50. Draw your favorite species of dragon from any mythology.
51. Draw your favorite species of dragon someone created on DA.
52. Draw a mythological dragon from or near your country of birth.

From here:…

Mythical Alphabet

Here is a little challange that I wanted to do, to expand my gallery so that its not just all Dragons and Pokemon. This challange is pretty straight forward. I will draw a different mythical creature for each letter. The catch, they need to be less known mythical creatures! So for example: I cant use Dragons for the letter D!

This is a rough draft, may change the mythical creatures as I come up to them. If you know of any cool ones for Letters I haven't gotten yet, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I know that Wikipedia doesnt have them all!

A is for Akhlut
B is for Bokkenrijders
C is for Catoblepas (…)
D is for Dobhar-chu (Dog-fish hybrid. Origin Irish)
E is for Emela-ntouka (Gigantic, elephant-killing beast. Origin Central Africa)
F is for Forest Bull(Giant, Red Cattle with Swiveling Horns. Origin Medieval Bestiaries)
G is for Gorgon (Fanged, snake-haired humanoids that turn anyone who sees them into stone. Origin Greek)
H is for Headless Mule (fire-spewing, headless, spectral mule. Origin Brazil)
I is for Ikuchi (Sea serpent that travels over boats in an arc while dripping oil. Origin Japan)
J is for Jiu tou niao (Nine-headed, demonic bird. Origin Chinese)
K is for Kirin (Japanese Unicorn. Origin Japan)
L is for Lou Carcolh (Snake-mollusk hybrid. Origin France)
M is for Mapinguari (giant Sloth. Origin Brazil)
N is for Níðhöggr(Special dragon OK! Origin Norse)
O is for Orthros (Two-headed dog. Origin Greek)
P is for Pixiu (Winged lion. Origin Chinese)
Q is for Questing Beast (Serpent-leopard-lion-hart hybrid. Origin Arthurian Legend)
R is for Rompo (Skeletal creature with elements of a rabbit, badger, and bear. Origin Africa and India)
S is for Shedim (Chicken-legged demon. Origin Jewish)
T is for Tanuki (Shapeshifting raccoon dog (Tom Nook!) Origin Japan)
U is for Underwater panther(Feline Water Spirit. Origin Native American)
V is for Valravn (Supernatural Raven - Wolf hybrid. Origin Danish)
W is for Wolpertinger(Rabbit-Squirrel-Deer-Pheasant Hybrid. Origin German)
X is for Xecotcovach (Bird .Origin Mayan)
Y is for Ypotryll (Boar-camel-ox-serpent hybrid. Origin Heraldic)
Z is for Zlatorog (White deer with golden horns. Origin Solvenia)

Link to the Folder:…

Interested in doing your own? I'm pulling my ideas from here:…




Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello and Welcome to my page!

My Name is Julia and I draw to express my ideas and to relax. I am here to improve my art so please feel free to critique my art. I have an AS degree in Network Administration,a BA in Computer Engineering with CyberSecurity and CyberForensics. My passions include: Animals, Computers and Art. I currently have a 5 year old golden retriever named Zelda.

Crystal my 12 year old cat, passed on July 8th 2013. I miss her everyday.

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To Do List:

Below is a current list of things I need to get done with my art. It may range from personal to exchanges. If I owe you something and you do not see it on this list please note me! I don't want to forget anyone!

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:bulletpurple: Lineless Human for Kameratte Sketch Finished/Approved (Awaiting Payment)
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:bulletyellow::bulletred: fantasy-xchange (See Note)

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